The Ultimate Shred Review

One of the fastest growing programs in the UK is the 12 week body transformation program The Ultimate Shred. In this review we will find out what The Ultimate Shred program includes, what results you can expect from it, and what makes it so popular with the British people.

What Is The Ultimate Shred Workout Program?

the ultimate shred

The Ultimate Shred is an online workout program followed step by step alongside a weight loss meal plan.

The program is 12 weeks long and focuses on fast weight loss and body toning. The program is presented by the British fitness expert Leigh Linton and combines high intensity interval training (HIIT) with cardo and resistance training.

Who is The Ultimate Shred Designed For?

The Ultimate Shred is an intense workout that gets amazing results. It has been designed for people who want to lose weight, sculpt and tone their body, and improve their fitness. The program starts with a very tough fitness test but then starts more gently and progresses in difficulty through the 12 weeks. It’s not for complete beginners but does provide different exercise options for different fitness levels.

The Ultimate Shred can be streamed online at any time or place so it’s ideally suited to people who don’t have time to get to the gym or prefer not to exercise in front of other people.

How Does The Ultimate Shred Work?

The Ultimate Shred is extremely easy to understand and follow because there is a new workout video to stream for every day of the 12 weeks (apart from the rest days). This means that you never have to repeat a workout and it always feels fresh and new.

Each week starts with a session that is slightly slower than the rest because the correct technique for all the exercises used that week is demonstrated and you get a chance to master them at a slightly lower tempo. Each of the 12 weeks contains 6 workouts per week, including the following:

  • HIIT Circuits + Technique
  • Cardio + Lower Body
  • Cardio + Core
  • Pure HIIT
  • Cardio + Upper Body
  • Yoga Recovery

We’re really big fans of The Ultimate Shred because the blend of workout styles gives some of the best results we’ve seen.

  • The HIIT workouts are a proven way to burn more calories than almost any other form of exercise (in the shortest time),
  • The cardio classes are great for improving strength and fitness levels,
  • The resistance training is perfect for sculpting and toning your muscles,
  • And the yoga class really helps ease muscle soreness and improve flexibility.

Another great advantage of having a completely unique workout for every day of the program is that the trainer, Leigh, is able to build up the difficulty and intensity over time so you are continuing to push yourself as much in week 12 as you are in week 1.

We think it’s aspect that accounts for the extremely good results.

What Is Included The Ultimate Shred Workout?

The Ultimate Shred comes with 72 workout videos that you have unlimited access to stream online (great if you want to repeat any or go over the techniques), plus a meal plan for each day of the 12 weeks. It also includes access to 24/7 support and advice, and a private support group.

What Equipment Is Needed For The Ultimate Shred?

No special equipment is needed for The Ultimate Shred workout program. The workouts are all streamed online and the meal plan is available online so you just need a device connected to the internet.

We found that some of the workouts involve a lot of floor exercises so we’d recommend getting a yoga or exercise mat but it’s not essential.

What Is The Ultimate Shred Diet Plan?

The Ultimate Shred make it clear that the best results are gained when the meal plan that comes with the program is followed closely. There is a meal plan including healthy recipes for every meal for the whole 12 weeks. The meal plan is nice and varied, the meals are simple to make, and it includes all of the nutrients needed for the intense workout schedule.

The Ultimate Shred diet plan also comes with advice from their nutritionist which is simple to understand and follow and doesn’t contain too much confusing jargon.

What Is The Ultimate Shred Schedule And Calendar?

The Ultimate Shred calendar is available to download in a printable version (click the image below) from The Ultimate Shred website and we’d recommend putting it up on your wall or refrigerator where you will see it throughout the 12 weeks.

The Ultimate Shred Workout Calendar

An online version is also provided on your profile page so you can check off The Ultimate Shred workouts as they are completed.

The Ultimate Shred: The Pros

In this review of The Ultimate Shred we try to provide a balanced view of the workout, including the good points as well as the bad.

  • The results of the program are excellent due to the blend of workout styles and variety.
  • Each day comes with a completely new workout video so it’s much harder to get bored which made it much easier for us to stick with it right to the end.
  • The Ultimate Shred trainer is extremely positive and motivating throughout the whole 12 weeks. We liked her engaging and friendly style very encouraging.
  • The workouts are tough but the progression of intensity is gradual throughout the weeks, so apart from the first fitness test at the start, you don’t feel like you’re drowning in the deep end.
  • The monthly fitness tests are a great way to measure your progress and keep you motivated over time.
  • The workouts are all streamed online on demand so you can complete them at any time or place that suits you best.
  • No equipment is needed.

The Ultimate Shred: The Cons

Our review of The Ultimate Shred wouldn’t be complete without highlighting areas for improvement.

  • When streaming the workouts, you need wifi to get a consistently smooth stream. This is fine when you are at home but was a bit stop start when we tried to use it on our phone when outside.
  • Some of the exercises are high impact and involve jumping so if you have bad knees or back problems then it won’t be the best workout for you.
  • The Ultimate Shred is aimed more at women than men. It’s still a great weight loss program if you are a man but you can tell from how the trainer addresses the audience that it is more targeted at women.

What Results Can You Expect From The Ultimate Shred?

The Ultimate Shred workout program gets amazing results for weight loss and body toning. The challenge with any program is sticking with it to the end and we found that The Ultimate Shred was really great at making that easier than most other programs we’ve reviewed.

The combination of a highly motivational trainer (perhaps the British accent helps!), a wide variety of workout styles, and a consistently steady progression of intensity, really helped us feel motivated throughout and actually wanting more when we got to the end.

If you complete the 12 weeks and follow the diet plan you will lose a lot of weight and you’ll be very happy with the results.

How Much Does The Ultimate Shred Cost?

The Ultimate Shred is priced at $134 but at the time of writing we were able to get it on sale for only $39. It is a on off payment and it gives you lifetime access.

Is The Ultimate Shred Good Value?

In a word, yes.

The Ultimate Shred is great value for money because it’s much cheaper than a gym membership or paying for local exercise classes.

It’s also great value when compared to other home workouts because you get access to new workouts for every day of the 12 week program, you get a meal plan with new recipes for every day of the program, and you get access to the trainer herself if you need support or advice.

The Ultimate Shred Workout Review Summary?

If you want to lose weight and get toned, and you want to do it from the convenience and privacy of your own home, then the Ultimate Shred is the perfect workout for you.

It’s more aimed at shredding excess body fat and getting a slim, lean, and sculpted figure than it is for building muscle bulk.

So If you are a woman looking to slim down and feel fabulous, this our favorite home workout currently on the market for value and results.

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