The Promise Workout Review

The Promise is another excellent workout program from leading UK fitness company InstructorLive. In this review we’ll take a closer look at the program to help you decide whether it’s the best choice for you.

What Is The Promise Workout Program?

the promise workout program

The Promise is an on demand streaming workout hosted on the popular British fitness site

The program is 8 weeks long and it’s goal is to help people to lose weight, get toned, and improve their general fitness levels. The program is presented by 3 expert instructors from the UK; Leigh Linton, Harry Rowland and Le McCarrick. There are 3 different levels to the program to suit beginners, intermediates, and those with an advanced fitness level.

Who is The Promise Designed For?

The Promise is designed for people who want to lose weight and get a more toned body. There are 3 different fitness levels to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced, but we’d suggest that at least some exercise experience is necessary to get the most from the program.

Like all the workouts on the InstructorLive platform, The Promise can be streamed online at any time or place which means it’s an incredible convenient option for people who want to avoid the gym or don’t have any equipment.

How Does The Promise Work?

The Promise comes in 3 difficulty levels and they each have a different number of workouts per week, as follows:

  • Beginner = 3 workouts per week for 8 weeks: Lower Body Lean, Full Body Focus, Upper Body Blast
  • Intermediate = 4 workouts per week for 8 weeks: Lower Body Lean, Full Body Focus, Upper Body Blast, Repertoire
  • Advanced = 5 workouts per week for 8 weeks: Lower Body Lean, Full Body Focus, Upper Body Blast, Repertoire, The 100

The 3 workouts found in every level of the program incorporate cardio exercises for shredding excess body fat, plus resistance training exercises to tone the muscles in specific areas of the body.

The extra workout for the intermediate level, Repertoire, introduces new and challenging exercises to help push your body and your fitness levels further.

The final workout only available at the advanced level, The 100, is an incredible tough workout that pushes you to your limits by putting you through repeated rounds of exercises that reach high numbers of reps.

Every workout video for all 3 levels of The Promise are unique so you never have to repeat the same session and the intensity increases as you progress through the 8 weeks.

The variety of instructors (there are 3 different instructors) and the variety of the workouts makes it super-easy to stick with The Promise and get to the end.

What Is Included The Promise Workout?

To access The Promise you just have to become a member of InstructorLive. They offer a 10 days free trial and memberships start from £5.99 per month, which is only $7.80 per month at the time of writing this.

The Promise comes with 40 workout videos with unlimited access to stream online so you can repeat them as many times as you want to. We’ve found this incredibly useful when practicing the technique of the exercises at the beginning of the program.

The Promise also comes with a nutrition guide with a meal plan for each day of the 8 weeks. All InstructorLive members have access to 24/7 online support from their team of trainers, and there’s the option to get one-to-one weight loss coaching which comes as an extra.

Alongside access to The Promise program, an InstructorLive membership gives you access to all of their programs, over 1000 at the time of writing this review. We love this option because it means you can add in some extra yoga or pilates classes in between the more intense workouts if you want to and there’s no extra cost.

What Equipment Is Needed For The Promise?

The Promise workout program has been designed specifically for people to complete at home without any equipment. You do need to connect to the internet to stream the videos and we’d recommend a decent wifi connection for the best streaming experience.

What Is The Promise Diet Plan?

InstructorLive, the company behind The Promise, and other successful programs like The Ultimate Shred, state that the meal plan that comes with The Promise should be followed closely if you want to get the most dramatic weight loss results.

The meal plan includes healthy recipes for 3 meals per day plus healthy snack suggestions that will help avoid snacking between meals on junk food. The plan is simple to follow, the meal are easy to make and the ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket.

Some of the names of ingredients use the British version of the word (e.g. Courgette instead of Zucchini) but you can easily look the word up if you’ve not heard it before.

We really like the simplicity of the meal plan and the variety of the recipes, we also loved the healthy snack ideas which really came in useful when getting sugar cravings.

What Is The Promise Schedule And Calendar?

Research by InstructorLive, conducted with their members in 21 different countries across the world, discovered that the most common factor in predicting a successful outcome from their workout programs is the measurement of progress along the way. The Promise calendar is available to download in a printable version (click the image below) from the InstrucorLive website and we’d recommend putting it up on your wall or refrigerator where you will see it throughout the 8 weeks.

The Promise Workout Calendar

When you join InstructorLive and select The promise program, an online version of the calendar is also provided on your profile page so you can track your progress online.

The Promise: The Pros

In this review of The Promise we are including the good points and the bad points so as to provide you with a complete picture of the program so you can make a well informed decision as to whether it is right for you. Here are the good points:

  • The Promise gets very good results, lots of customers have reported significant weight loss and improved body confidence.
  • You don’t need any equipment.
  • You can stream the workouts online wherever and whenever fits best into your schedule.
  • There are 3 different levels to suit all ages and abilities.
  • The workouts are presented by 3 different instructors who all have different styles and personalities, great for keeping us interested.
  • All 3 instructors are really positive and motivating throughout the 8 weeks.
  • Every single workout is different and you never repeat a video. The variety and novelty makes it mush easier to complete it.
  • The difficulty of the workouts grows gradually as the weeks progress, which is excellent for pushing you a little further each time.
  • The Promise is available on InstructorLive where a membership also gives you access to hundreds of other programs (including the award winning The Ultimate Shred) for no extra cost.
  • They offer a 10 days free trial so you can start the program and see if you like it before committing.

The Promise: The Cons

To provide a fair review of The Promise, here are the negative points about the program:

  • The workouts stream really well on laptops, tablets, phones and most smart TVs but we had trouble viewing on an Xbox.
  • Even the beginners program will be quite difficult for someone who has never exercised before or is extremely unfit.
  • The Promise is excellent for losing weight and toning your muscles but it’s not designed for building muscle bulk. Hitting the gym and lifting heavy weight would be more suitable if body building is your primary goal.

What Results Can You Expect From The Promise Workout?

You can expect excellent results from The Promise. Most people lose a significant amount of weight and feel much more confident about their body. For dramatic weight loss we’d recommend The Ultimate Shred program more highly because it is longer (12 weeks instead of 8) and is more intense than The Promise, but we love the variety of workouts and presenters that The Promise uses and found that we looked forward to each workout.

How Much Does The Promise Cost?

To access The Promise you need to join InstructorLive. It comes with a 10 days free trial and hundreds of other programs if you ever want to change. InstructorLive has the following 3 subscription options:

  • Annual – $7.81 per month
  • 6 Months – $10.42 per month
  • Month by month – $13.03 per month

Is The Promise Good Value For Money?

The Promise workout program is excellent value for your money. You get a new workout video for every day of the 8 week program and you get tasty recipes for every meal as part of the plan.

$7.81 per month is way cheaper than a gym membership and you also get access to hundreds of other programs that are also very good.

The Promise Workout Review Summary?

While The Promise is unlikely to give you as dramatic weight loss results as InstructorLive’s most popular weight loss program The Ultimate Shred (read our review here), it will certainly give you some amazing results if you complete every workout and follow the meal plan.

Most people who complete The Promise state that they lose a significant amount of weight and feel much more body confident. The instructors that present the program are highly motivational and full of energy, and there is so much variety of styles that it makes it much easier to stick with it to the end.

It’s a great option for people who want to lose weight, get tones, and improve their fitness, but aren’t quite ready for the more intensive weight loss workouts on the market like The Ultimate Shred or Insanity.

To try The Promise free for 10 days, visit the official InstructorLive website