Isagenix Review

For this Isagenix review we will be looking at Isagenix’s most popular item, the IsaLean Shake. If you’re considering a meal replacement shake to help you in reaching your health and weight goals and have heard of IsaLean Shakes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Continue reading to learn about the nutritional content, flavors, and appetite suppressing qualities of IsaLean Shakes.

Isagenix Review In A Nutshell—How Do IsaLean Shakes Work?

Isagenix Shakes

IsaLean Shakes work with your body to help you lose weight by replacing at least one meal a day with the healthy and nutritious shakes from Isagenix. For example, instead of eating sugary cereal, eggs and bacon, or boring oatmeal for breakfast you could have an IsaLean Shake instead.

Your meal replacement shake will be tasty and filling, and fill your body with the healthy nutrients it needs to function at its peak. Not only that, but the shakes will help curb cravings and hunger for a few hours so you aren’t tempted to snack before your next meal.

All of this together helps you lose weight by eating fewer calories, but still stay healthy because of the high quality nutritional content in IsaLean shakes.

Nutritional Content of IsaLean Shakes

Isagenix Vanilla Flavor Nutritents

In this Isagenix Review of IsaLean Shakes, we’re going to look over the shakes’ protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, calories, vitamins, and minerals. Looking at these important aspects will help as you consider Isagenix’s IsaLean Shakes and whether or not they are the right meal replacement option for you!

Important to remember when viewing these facts and comparing to other meal replacement programs is that an IsaLean Shake serving size is 68 grams of powder, whereas most other shakes’ serving sizes are about half that.

Also, the following information is specific for IsaLean’s Vanilla Flavor shake. Each shake has slightly different nutritional content, but you can be assured that they are all in the same general area for each nutritional category.


In a 68-gram serving of IsaLean Shake Powder, there are 36 grams of protein. That’s 52 percent—more than half!—of the weight of the whole serving! This is good news, because such a high amount of protein will work to keep you full and satisfied, helping to reduce snack cravings.


Carbs seem to be everyone’s worst nightmare when trying to lose weight, but don’t forget that they are indeed necessary in moderation for any healthy and nutritional diet.

Like the protein content of an IsaLean Shake, there are also 21 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Don’t be scared off by this number though, because a third of that (6 grams) is healthy dietary fiber.

However, there are 9 grams of sugar in each shake, which may be a deterrent to those looking for a low sugar meal replacement shake.

Healthy Fats

IsaLean Shakes only contain about 6 grams of fat per serving. Unless you eat a boring salad or eat a piece of dry toast, you won’t find many meals with only 6 grams of fat total.

Drinking an IsaLean shake will be much tastier and keep you more full and satisfied than almost any snack or meal that only has 6 grams of fat.

Vitamins and Minerals

Each Isagenix IsaLean Shake has 23 vitamins and minerals to fuel your body. Among these are:

  • Vitamin A to help with strengthening your immune system,
  • Calcium to promote weight management and bone strength,
  • Iron to increase energy,
  • Vitamin B6 which helps break the protein you eat down each day,
  • and Pantothenic Acid which helps turn your food into energy.

There are many more vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair, skin, and nails, boost energy and support your overall health.

What Should You Expect When Drinking an IsaLean Shake?

Of course you want to lose some weight and a meal replacement shake seems like it might do the trick, but we all know that if the shake doesn’t taste good, the results won’t come.

If you’re forcing yourself to drink a nasty shake at least once a day instead of some delicious spaghetti, greasy pizza, or other yummy meal, it’s got to be good, or you’ll start cheating and skipping out to avoid the bad shake experience.

Luckily, Isagenix’s shake formula is pretty tasty.

Flavors and Overall Taste

Isagenix Flavors

IsaLean Shakes come in 5 different flavor options: Black Sesame, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Orange Cream, and Creamy French Vanilla. As is often the case, the chocolate flavored shakes are the best sellers.

Creamy Dutch Chocolate is the preferred flavor, with Creamy French Vanilla the second favorite—people seem to like the “traditional” shake flavors best.

Newest to the flavor line-up is Strawberry Cream, and the very interesting Black Sesame flavor is unique in that you can drink it either warm or cold.

The shakes have a delicious sweet taste, due to the 11 grams of sugar in each serving. Again, for those who are looking for a strictly low sugar meal replacement shake IsaLean may not be a good choice. However, 11 grams of sugar is not a huge amount when you look at it as a small portion of your overall diet.

So if you’re looking for a weight loss shake with a yummy, sweet flavor, Isagenix’s IsaLean Shakes are a great option.


One of the biggest complaints people tend to have with meal replacement or weight loss shakes is their thick consistency. This is not an issue with IsaLean Shakes.

When it comes to consistency and thickness, Isagenix’s formula is top notch, with very few people being dissatisfied with it. When the shake powder is made with water, there are virtually no clumps, and the same goes for when you mix it with something thicker like milk.

Don’t worry that IsaLean Shakes will be hard to choke down. In terms of taste and texture, they have been extremely satisfying for those who have used them.

How Do IsaLean Shakes Curb Your Appetite?

IsaLean Shakes use fiber, whey protein, and active enzymes to help suppress consumers’ appetite and cravings. The key ingredient here is active enzymes.

Among the multiple enzymes present in Isagenix’s shake formula is Lactase. Lactase helps the body naturally break down the sugar in lactose, so this is a positive for helping consumers digest any milk products throughout the day.

In general, the active enzymes in each serving of IsaLean Shake are important to keeping you full and craving less food between meals. Your appetite could be suppressed for up to 4 hours with Isalean Shakes, which is a really good time for most meal replacement or weight loss shakes.

While some people do indeed claim that their hunger stays under control for 4 hours, the average is about 2 hours and 30 minutes. This amount of time all depends on the individual person, with more active people’s hunger returning sooner than those who are less so.

Regardless, Isagenix reviews of IsaLean Shakes claim that the shakes do indeed succeed at curbing consumers’ appetites!

Isagenix IsaLean Shakes Testimonials

Reading reviews for IsaLean Shakes quickly proves that many people have been satisfied with Isagenix’s product—there’s a reason that the shakes are so popular!

  • Janie from California says that IsaLean Shakes have helped her control and maintain her weight and that she has never felt healthier.
  • Rebecca from Texas has her entire family drinking IsaLean Shakes every morning for breakfast. She says that it helps her family keep up a normal morning routine and start their day focused and healthy.
  • Richard from Texas claims that he looks forward to his shake each morning and said that it “wakes me up and makes me feel alive!”

As you can see, many people swear by IsaLean Shakes and love them for their nutritional value and delicious taste.

Buying IsaLean Shakes

If you decide that IsaLean Shakes are right for you, you’ll want to purchase them directly from Isagenix’s website. Once to the website, you can go to the product section to find IsaLean Shakes. You’ll also notice that you can purchase the shake powder in a dairy free or kosher variety for those with special diets.

A 30 ounce supply of IsaLean Shake mix sells for $53, with the cost per ounce coming down to about $.083. This can get pretty pricey when you remember that a single serving of IsaLean is 60 grams, but also consider that this is an investment in your health and may be worthwhile.

Pros & Cons

IsaLean Shakes are great because they have a delicious flavor, are effective at curbing your hunger, and are full of healthy proteins (24 grams), vitamins, and minerals.

IsaLean is also hormone and antibiotic free, and available dairy free and kosher.

The downside of IsaLean Shakes is that they have a high sugar content (11 grams), and are rather costly compared to other shakes.

It has also been reported that when you purchase Isalean Shakes you’ll also receive a lot of ads trying to get consumers to join Isagenix’s Multi Level Marketing program selling Isagenix products.

However, it’s pretty simple to just ignore this marketing material and enjoy your shakes.

Isagenix Review Summary

When it comes down to it, IsaLean Shakes do exactly what a meal replacement shake should do. They help curb your appetite while filling your body with healthy nutrients, and have a delicious flavor and thickness.

If you don’t mind a shake with a slightly higher sugar content than others, or paying a high price for the product, then IsaLean shakes are a great option for you to use to reach your health and weight loss goals.