Insanity Workout Review

In this Insanity workout review, we’ll take a closer look at the popular exercise program and give you an unbiased opinion on how effective it is, and whether it is good value for money.

What is the Insanity Workout?

Insanity Workout

The Insanity program comes from fitness company Beachbody, who have also gave us workouts like Turbo Fire, P90X and the Shakeology meal replacement shake.

Insanity was designed by Shaun T who is an experienced fitness instructor who used to be a dancer for Mariah Carey and later developed Hip Hop Abs.

In a nut-shell, Insanity is a fast-paced workout program on DVD or online that fuses calisthenics (exercises that use body weight), plyometric work, and martial arts.

Insanity is comprised of short and high-intensity workouts, commonly referred to as HIIT, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training, where in the case of the Insanity program you exercise in blocks of 3 to 5 minutes and take 30-second breaks.

The breaks are only long enough to catch your breath and drink water before getting back to work. Insanity is considered a Max Interval Training protocol because your body works at maximum capacity throughout the workout.

Insanity prides itself on being one of the most challenging, heart-pounding and action-packed workouts ever created, and we agree. Alongside The Ultimate Shred, Insanity Max30, and Ripped, it’s one of the toughest workouts we’ve reviewed.

However, it is important to note that this workout is only effective when it is strictly followed on a daily basis. The 60-day workout regime that can be used by bodybuilders, athletes, individuals who want to lose weight, and those who want to gain strength.

Furthermore, it does not require the facilities of a gym; instead, all you need is a good pair of sneakers, a TV screen, and your DVD.

How Insanity Workout Works

The Insanity workout regimen is highly effective because it utilizes Max Interval Training to whip people into shape in just two months. However, it does not mean that the workout should be discontinued after the 2 months, rather it means that tangible results can be achieved during this duration.

The workouts involve fast-paced movements that alternate between high-intensity blocks of 3-5 minutes and short 30-seconds water breaks. This works out your entire cardiovascular system and increases your heart rate.

Your body burns calories and fat for energy leaving behind a lean and toned physique. The HIIT method of training has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to burn calories, but please be warned, it is an intensive form of exercise and should not be attempted by those with any medical conditions.

What is Included in the Insanity Workout Kit?


The insanity workout kit contains many extras that are useful for attaining the insane results promised by Shaun T. It has 10 DVDs that contain a complete 2-month workout regimen.

The first month has 5 workouts and includes plyometrics, pure cardio, cardio abs, recovery, and upper body resistance. The second month of insanity workouts contains the Max Interval Circuit, Max Cardio Conditioning, Max Recovery, and Max Interval Plyo.

Other bonuses in the workout kit include:

  • Insanity 60-day calendar. Specifies daily workout routines for easy tracking
  • Quick Start Guide. A 10 minute tutorial of the entire program.
  • Elite 60-Day Nutritional Plan. Contains nutritious recipes to supplement your workout programs.
  • 24/7 online support and access to insanity fan forums. You get access to accredited trainers from BeachBody.
  • If you purchase the insanity workout kit today, you get two bonus DVDs (Shaun’s Fitness Test and Core Cardio and Balance).

How Easy is it to Follow the Insanity Workout?

The insanity workout program is relatively easy to follow at home because it is straightforward and simple to understand. What’s more, the workout kit contains a 24/7 online support feature that allows you to interact with accredited trainers and seek clarification on anything you do not understand.

In addition, the workout routine does not require the use of gym equipment. All you need is a sturdy pair of shoes since all the workouts are calisthenics (exercises that rely on body weight for resistance). The exercises are all contained in a DVD with both visual and sound. All you need to do is follow the movements of the instructor.

What is Involved in the Workout?

The first month of the Workout program has 5 workouts:

  1. Plyometrics works your glutes (butt) and leg muscles.
  2. Upper body resistance. Shapes your shoulders, arms, chest, and back.
  3. Pure Cardio to burn fats.
  4. Cardio Abs for toning your abdominal muscles for a tight six pack.
  5. Recovery allows your body to rest at the end of every week.

The second month has 4 workouts that are relatively more challenging than the previous 5 workouts:

  1. Max Interval Circuit works your entire body at high intensity intervals.
  2. Max Interval Plyo works your muscles extremely hard and is great for strength.
  3. Max Cardio Conditioning is a really tough workout that burns lots more calories.
  4. Max Recovery allows your body to rest and get ready for new challenges ahead.

The second month’s workouts are more demanding than the first. However, by the time you start doing Max Interval Circuit workouts, your endurance will be up to par allowing you to undertake the challenge more easily.

The workouts range between 30 and 60 minutes per day. They should be done 6 days a week, for 2 months.

In between the program, you should take Shaun T’s fitness test to track your progress. Furthermore, the insanity kit contains a 60-day calendar with all the workouts required for each day. Following all the routines from start to finish is the most efficient way of achieving maximum results fast.

Insanity Workout: The Pros

The pros associated with insanity workout regimen are many. This program not only promises but also delivers tangible results fast. Below are some of its pros:

  • The program allows you to achieve dramatic results in just 60 days. However, the amount of effort you put in will be directly related to your body’s transformation.
  • Shaun and the entire BeachBody team provide a lot of encouragement, energy, and direction in the workout. This resonates well with many people who purchase and use Insanity. Seeing other insanity fitness team members struggle with some routines can be self-assuring when you are finding it difficult to keep up.
  • Insanity is a simple-to-use program that can easily be followed by anybody irrespective of their experience or location.
  • The DVD contains upbeat music that provides rhythm and motivation during the exercises.
  • The 60-day calendar allows you to easily track your workouts and know what to do during each day of the week.
  • nsanity package is inclusive of a nutritious meal plan that contains healthy recipes and good eating habits to assist with weight loss.
  • Insanity’s varied workouts prevent monotony.
  • Shaun is constantly encouraging people to continually keep track of their measurements and test their progress using his fitness test.

Insanity Workout: The Cons

  • Due to its highly intense workouts, insanity is not suitable for people with knee, back or joint problems.
  • In addition, people with heart conditions or any other serious chronic condition should first consult their physician.
  • The workouts are primarily cardio-oriented; therefore, many people (bodybuilders) feel that insanity is not suitable for building strength and mass.
  • You also need to have a god basic level of fitness to complete the program. People who are completely new to exercise would be better starting with a less intensive program.

What Results Can You Expect from Insanity?

When you follow the Insanity workout program and observe a healthy diet, you are assured to reach your fitness goals. This program has been developed to effectively help people who want to lose excess weight, tone their body, gain strength and become physically fit.

Researchers from Canada’s Laval University found out that high-intensity workouts were more effective at burning body fat than traditional cardio.

Many people who have used Insanity have reported dramatic results after the two months. The program is easy to understand and follow at home. It is also quite interesting because it contains upbeat music that generates energy and enthusiasm during each session. This feature is essential considering the fact that many people use insanity at home without the company of other training partners.

Insanity Workout Review Summary

There’s a good reason why the Insanity workout has been popular over the years, it’s because it gets results. If you are looking to build size and muscle mass then it’s not the workout for you, but if you want to lose weight and get a more toned body then it is an excellent choice.

Visit the official Beachbody Insanity website for more information concerning this program or to make an order. The whole package costs $119.85. However, you can opt for a three-month payment plan at $39.95 per month. Insanity is also available on Amazon and goes for $144.80 with free shipping.

The Insanity program is quite expensive compared to other home workout programs like The Ultimate Shred or Ripped but it is still less expensive that a gym membership and has the added advantage that you can do it from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

While it’s not our favorite workout, it is certainly an excellent choice and one that will give you great results if you follow it correctly.