Insanity Vs Insanity Max 30: A Comparison Of Different Insanity Workouts

In this comparison review you will discover which of the different Insanity workouts is right for you.

Beachbody, the company behind the different Insanity workouts, has always been known for introducing cutting-edge products for health and fitness.

When Tony Horton of Beachbody first launched the P90X workout program it raised quite a stir with how effective it was and became an instant favourite for many fitness fans.

Its precursor, the Insanity Workout developed by Shaun T., also hit the market with a resounding boom and has won lots of accolades since.

Why is it so popular?

Let’s take a closer look…

Insanity is a DVD workout program designed for individuals who want to avoid the hassle of visiting a gym every day.

With a bare minimum of equipment, the different Insanity workouts claim to give you a well-toned body in just 60 days.

Updates and improvements are usually signs of success for any product so it’s no surprise that, after its initial success, Shawn T. has revised and incorporated other features into his Insanity workout program and introduced a new package called Insanity Max 30.

If you are already using the first Insanity version you might be wondering whether the Max version is a better choice for you, or whether you should stick to the original.

This article will answer that question for you. We’ve looked into the different Insanity workouts to help you make the decision that’s best for you.

What Is Insanity?

Insanity Image

Insanity is a 60 days DVD workout program aimed at burning lots of calories to help people lose weight and gain an overall well-toned body, but without the need for weight training or visiting a gym.

Insanity is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is often used by professional athletes and sportspeople for getting the most from their workouts. In simple terms, it involves intense exercises followed by short period of rest and recovery time.

The whole idea is based on scientific studies that show evidence that high-intensity interval training significantly increases the aerobic and metabolic activities of an athlete.

In short, it burns more calories in less time.

Key points:

  • Average Daily Workout: 45 to 60 minutes
  • Equipment Required: None
  • Length: 60 days with 5 or 6 workout days per week
  • Concept: 3 minute intervals of intense training with 30 seconds of rest
  • Results: Faster weight loss. Well-toned body with increased strength

Shaun T. along with a team of professionals have meticulously designed the workout program with high levels of motivation and uplifting energy. There’s lots of positivity and encouragement throughout to keep you going when it gets tough. And it does get tough!

It’s true that you have to work your ass off throughout the program, but the program is motivational, practical and comes with a balanced diet plan which when followed strictly provides everything you need to get some awesome results.

What is Insanity Max 30?

Insanity max30

For very busy people who have a hard time finding even 1 hour a day, Insanity Max 30 has been designed to be squeezed into any schedule.

Insanity Max 30 is an even fiercer version of Insanity where Shaun T. has reduced the workout time to only about 30 minutes a day!

The whole motto of the program is to push your body as much as possible in these 30 minutes of your day to get the same results of Insanity which has 60 minute workouts.

Just because the workouts are shorter, it doesn’t mean it’s easier!

With new moves and a limited period of 30 minutes, the idea of interval training is removed, and Shaun T. encourages you to keep on going as much as you can. It’s pretty tough, and is as good as guaranteed to get you sweating and burning through the calories!

Key points:

  • Average Daily Workout: 30 minutes
  • Equipment Required: None
  • Length: 60 days with 5 or 6 workout days per week
  • Concept: Max out your workout time, your heart rate, your nutrition.
  • Results: Well-toned body with increased strength

Insanity Max 30 includes some big changes in the workout plan that makes it quite different from Insanity in many aspects. It is more intense, challenging and so needs added dedication and endurance.

Main Differences

Insanity Max 30 comes with some major updates on the original Insanity program. Because there are some fundamental and significant changes in the new version, you should think carefully before buying either one so that you make the best choice.

If you pick the wrong one to start with, it can knock your confidence and make it harder to stick with it to completion.

Both the versions give amazing results, but both have been constructed for different kinds of people. We have categorised the differences as follows:

1. Duration: 

The primary upgrade of Insanity Max 30 is its reduction of workout time. If you find Insanity hugely intense, then Insanity Max 30 covers it all in just 30 minutes.

In a hectic life, it is difficult for busy people like us to find time for family, work and exercise. Insanity Max 30 claims to give all the benefits of Insanity but in just 30 minutes, which is great for people who are struggling to find time to exercise, especially in the morning when we’re all rushing to get up and out the door in time for work.

Insanity Max 30 also has the bonus of free Saturdays and Sundays, which is perfect if you’ve got kids and want to spend extra time with them at the weekends.

2. Underlying Principle: 

Insanity Max 30 is not just a quick makeover of the original Insanity program. Shaun T has completely changed the core principle by swapping out the interval training for the ‘Max Out’ concept.

If you are planning to go for Max 30, prepare yourself to go to your extreme in pushing your physical barriers, stamina and endurance. Max 30 is much harder for a short period while Insanity is spaced out more with 30 second periods of rest.

As the name suggests, Max 30 is based on the ‘Max-Out’ principle where every day you are encouraged to beat your former self in terms of exercise, heart rate and eating. If done with whole-hearted enthusiasm, it will bring out your stronger self and makes you step out of your comfort zone in a systematic way and thus gives you maximum benefits.

3. Difference in exercises: 

The different Insanity Workouts have different exercises that give you varying resting times, but you are expected to complete every exercise for both Insanity and Insanity Max 30, or you risk losing out on getting the best possible results.

However, Insanity Max 30 is all about continuity with slight modifications to suit different ages and abilities. We highly recommended attempting it without using any modifiers initially.

In Insanity, all the floor exercises are done in one go and the standing exercises are done in another round, whereas for Insanity Max 30, there is lots of mixing and matching and moving up and down from the floor.

Insanity Max 30 includes more strength training and resistance exercises than regular Insanity which means your muscles will get more toned.

4. Different Nutrition Plan: 

The nutrition plans for both the different insanity workout regimes focus on how to eat healthily and get the required calories and nutrients into the body without getting completely exhausted by the workouts.

After all, there’s a huge amount of energy being used for the workouts which should be replenished with a healthy balanced diet.

The Max 30 nutrition plan seems to be more planned out and a lot less complicated than the Insanity nutrition plan. However, you can always choose what to eat according to your own tastes and preferences, so as long as you understand the underlying principles, there is some flexibility built in.

The important thing is to ensure that the body gets enough of all the nutrients and vitamins that it needs as the workouts are intense and your body needs the right fuel.

5. Fit Test Schedule:

For Insanity, there is a periodic fit test schedule to keep up with your progress and track your weight loss. However, Insanity Max 30 entirely runs on the max out system where you have to record the daily max out time for yourself.

From day one you have to push your body to the maximum limit and record it as the max out time. Every day you should then try to give it your best effort and stretch the max out time a little further.

Pros of Insanity:

  1. The different Insanity moves are designed to burn calories fast, which means you’re more likely to achieve your weight loss goal faster. It makes you sweat and potentially improves your cardiovascular system more than Max 30.
  2. It comes in a handy package of DVDs or streamed online and can be done anywhere and in the comfort of your home.
  3. It significantly increases your endurance and is ideal for people who want to lose weight, but also for people who want to improve their athletic performance and stamina.
  4. Less strenuous than Max 30 as it follows the HIIT principle and includes 30 second rest periods.

Pros of Insanity Max 30:

  1. If you find it difficult to workout for 1-hour every day for six days a week, then Max 30 is great because it’s designed for only 30 minutes every day. It’s a great time saver for busy people and has the added bonus of free weekends to enjoy.
  2. The different Insanity Moves of Max 30 substantially increase your agility. It’s great for weight loss and strength training, but also very helpful for anyone taking part in sports.

Cons Of Insanity And Insanity Max 30:

Insanity and Insanity Max 30 aim only at losing weight and getting leaner. Neither of these workout programs will build or bulk up your muscles like heavy weight training will. They shouldn’t be perceived as the means of getting killer abs or big muscles. Their primary objective is to get a slimmer body and cut down your excess body fat.

So if you want to get big and muscular then you’re better off hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights.

Insanity Max 30 is less likely to reduce your weight as much as Insanity because of the shorter workouts and the removal of the HIIT training. After all, a one-hour workout burns more calories than 30 minutes, even if it includes some rest periods.

You need to be a fit and a healthy person to carry out these different Insanity workouts. A lot of dedication is a must from your side. Buying a DVD and then slacking off will not get you any closer to results. You will need a large amount of will power to carry out the first few days of these strenuous exercises. They’re really not suitable for beginners.

Which Of The Different Insanity Workouts Is Right For Me?

If you are a newbie and confused about which Insanity version to opt for, then we recommend asking yourself the following questions and referring to our advice:

1. Is weight loss your primary goal?

If you are aiming for weight loss, then you should go for Insanity with its one-hour long workouts and an intense cardio vascular side to it. We’ve seen more evidence that Insanity leads to greater loss of calories compared to Insanity Max 30.

However, if weight loss is not your only concern and you’re also wanting to improve agility and sports performance, you should go for Max 30.

Insanity will give you some remarkable results in your weight loss with its engaging workouts and rest periods, whereas Max 30 is more daunting and focuses more on the improvement of agility, strength and endurance.

2. Can you invest 1 hour every day for the workouts?

The time-factor plays an important element in choosing the best workout for you. If you can very easily take 1 hour out of every day then you should choose Insanity. However, if you are running on a tight schedule then Insanity Max 30 will be a better option for you because you’re more likely to complete it. The 30 mins regime that’s a creative mixture of exercises will also keep you on your toes and push you to your limits.

3. Are you looking for more agility and improved stamina?

The different Insanity workouts are not only for those who want to give their day a healthy kickstart and burn loads of calories, sporty people can also use them for honing the skills needed to compete.

If you are planning to train for sports like basketball, track athletics or tennis, which require constant bursts of energy throughout the game, Insanity Max 30 should be your option. The regime will provide you with agility and continuous power without getting too tired out.

If you are training for sports like football which provide short periods of rest time in between burst of activity, then Insanity is a go for you. Overall, the one-hour regime gives you the ability to last for a longer period in the sports arena with short intervals of resting time.

4. Do you already own Insanity?

If you have already been using Insanity and are wondering whether to buy Insanity Max 30 or not, then here is a tip for you:

If you are doing well with the Insanity program and are not skipping workouts because of time pressures, then stick with that one.

If, however, it becomes difficult for you to find that full hour of time, then it is advisable for you to purchase the Insanity Max 30. You’ll be more likely to complete the program and the new moves will keep things interesting for you.

Conclusion: Insanity or Insanity Max 30?

Well, it all boils down to the ultimate choice, and it really all depends on upon your personal preferences, schedule and dedication.

Insanity is a well-rounded package that delivers all around benefits. It lasts for about an hour, is great for your cardiovascular system, and helps you burn more calories. However, if you are always running short on time, then Insanity Max 30 is a wiser option for you.

For those who want some modifications to be included into the workouts, Insanity Max 30 provides you ample opportunity to do so. Also, compared to Insanity, Max 30 is harder and pushes you even further.

In a nutshell, people who are pushed for time should choose Insanity Max 30. Otherwise, Insanity is the way to go for better results. They’re both great programs so whichever you choose you’re likely to be very happy with the outcome.

It’s important to remember that both workouts require dedication and a decent level of fitness to begin with. You should also be aware that the workouts are only half the battle, a healthy and protein rich diet from the nutrition plan should never be neglected.

With some motivation and the zeal to stick with the workouts and the eating plan, you’ll be amazed at the results you can achieve.

To purchase Insanity or Insanity Max 30, visit the official Beachbody website.