IdealShape Reviews

In most IdealShape reviews you’ll find information on their shake’s nutrient content, calories and other stats. In this review we’ll dig a lot deeper and also cover the kind of results you can expect, how the shakes taste, and whether they are actually good value for money.

Unlike other IdealShape reviews, by the end of this article you will know exactly how IdealShape shakes work and whether they’re the right meal replacement shake for you.


Meal replacement shakes are currently in high demand as more and more people strive to adopt healthier lifestyles by losing weight.

Weight loss is one of the greatest challenges that many people face and we’re seeing a dramatic rise in levels of obesity across the globe. It’s never easy, and requires discipline, determination and perseverance to drop the pounds and keep them off.

The increasing need to find easier ways to lose weight, given the busy schedules that many of us face today, has given rise to a growing meal replacement shakes industry.

The idea behind meal replacement shakes like IdealShape shakes is to consume less calories while still ingesting the essential nutrients required by the body.

Today, companies like IdealShape have introduced shakes designed to provide all the essential nutrients found in food while reducing the amount of calories and sugars consumed. So you lose weight but also stay fit and healthy.

Ideal Shape’s meal replacement products have been very popular since their launch in 2003. Most IdealShape reviews are overwhelmingly positive and in this review you’ll discover what makes them so special.

What Are IdealShape Shakes?


IdealShape shakes are basically meal replacement products that are used by people who wish to manage or lose excessive weight through their diet.

The shakes are taken in place of whole meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. This has the effect of reducing the amount of calories consumed during the mealtime because solid food is replaced with shakes that have been carefully calorie-controlled.

The shakes are nutritionally balanced to ensure that the body is well nourished. They contain proteins, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals. One of the biggest advantage of IdealShape is the fact that they suppress hunger for a longer time compared to other meal replacement products.

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For the shakes to work effectively, they need to suppress hunger to prevent the consumer from snacking or eating in between meals. Otherwise, they lose their purpose.

Types Of IdealShape Flavors

IdealShape shakes are offered in eight distinct flavors including: Mocha, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Cream Pie, Orange Cream, Strawberry, Salted Caramel, and Cookies ‘N Cream.

Orange Cream is the new addition to the product line while Salted Caramel was recently re-introduced to the market and a production hiatus. All the flavors are popular because of they retain a nice sweet flavor even though they contain low amounts of sugar (more on the flavor later).

How The Shakes Work

The body needs calories to burn as fuel throughout the day. When you consume a larger amount of calories than the body uses per day, the excess calories are converted and stored as fat. This causes an increase in body weight.

IdealShape shakes help people control their daily caloric intake to prevent excessive weight gain or to cause weight loss.

Instead of eating solid food, users replace some meals with the shake and then carry on with their normal day.

The shakes are designed to suppress hunger and provide the feeling of satiation for a longer period compared to other alternatives.

IdealShape shakes can be used with or without exercise, with no harmful side effects. However, people who use these shakes together with an effective exercise regime tend to lose weight at a faster rate than those who don’t exercise.

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Furthermore, the more meals one replaces with these shakes, the more weight they lose.

Nutritional Value Of IdealShape Shakes

IdealShape shakes have the lowest calorie count compared to other competing products and you can see evidence of this in our previous IdealShape comparison reviews. The amount of calories per serving in all the products is 100, with 25 calories coming from fat. This is an impressively low figure making it one of the biggest benefits of this specific product.

IdealShape has designed a uniquely innovative product that provides its users with enough nutritional value without the need to consume a large amount of food.

A scoop of the shake contains 10g of starch (1g sugar and 5g of dietary fiber), 11g of proteins, 3g of fat (with 0.5g saturated), 25mg of cholesterol, 210mg of sodium, and 180mg of potassium. T

his information was obtained from the Mocha shake but it can be generalized across the board as the other flavors  have similar nutritional values (see the images below for each flavor)

Idealshape flavors nutritents

All IdealShape shakes contain the following 20 essential vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Promotes healthy skin, improves eyesight and boosts the immune system.
  • Vitamin B: Supports muscle function and nerve cells.
  • Vitamin B6: Breaks down protein.
  • Vitamin B12: Promotes the production of red blood cells.
  • Vitamin C: Promotes the body’s immune system.
  • Vitamin D: Supports heart and bone health, and enhances the immune system.
  • Vitamin E: Protects the liver and brain.
  • Calcium: Strengthens teeth and bones, and enhances nerve communication.
  • Phosphorus: Supports muscle and bone health.
  • Magnesium: Supports the heart and kidneys.
  • Copper: Increases energy and supports nerve function.
  • Iron: Promotes blood health and increases the body’s energy level.
  • Iodine: Required by the thyroid gland.
  • Zinc: Supports the body’s respiratory and immune systems.
  • Chloride: Required for digestive health.
  • Riboflavin: Increases body energy and targets fat cells.
  • Pantothenic Acid: Assists the conversion of food into energy.
  • Niacin: Maintains the body’s cholesterol levels.
  • Folate: Improves mood and regulates brain functions.
  • Biotin: Promotes healthy skin and nails.

Taste And Consistency Of IdealShape shakes

IdealShape shakes taste really good. We much prefer their taste to that of the 310 meal replacement shake and most other IdealShape reviews agree.

The shakes also mix well with other drinks and ingredients. They can be mixed with coconut milk or flax seeds respectively to enhance taste, thickness and nutritional value.

While most people like how thin the shakes are, some prefer taking a thicker meal replacement shake to feel more full up. However, the fact that they are generously packed with proteins, vitamins, starch and minerals more than compensates for the shakes’ thin nature.

How IdealShape Shakes Suppress Hunger

Today, many meal replacement shakes have a tendency to use fiber to make consumers feel full. However, Ideal Shake takes a completely different approach that has achieved significant results. It uses a combination of fiber, whey protein and slendesta.

Slendesta is a protein extract that is located just beneath the skin of a potato. It is extracted to be used to block hunger pangs. This makes it the perfect ingredient to include in a meal replacement shake. Slendesta causes the body to produce more cholecystokinin (CCK), which essentially tells the body it is full.

Slendesta does not affect your natural metabolism. Since it is a naturally occurring substance, it has no negative side effects once ingested.

IdealShape shakes leaves you satiated for between 2 and 4 hours, although the exact time differs from person to person since it is dependent on factors like your natural metabolism and physical activity.

According to other IdealShape reviews, consumers who lead a largely sedentary lifestyle felt satiated for 3 hours after taking the shake. This product has by far the longest hunger suppression periods in the market.

Benefits Of IdealShape Shakes

  • Low calorie and sugar content: The IdealShape products contain just 100 calories per serving. This is the lowest amount of calories per serving among all other similar products in the market. In addition, the shakes have a low sugar content of just 1g per serving. Foods with a high sugar content cause the body to release high amounts of insulin. This facilitates the conversion of starch and sugars into fat that is stored in the body.
  • Great for suppressing appetite: On average IdealShape shakes tend to suppress hunger for hours. Consumers who do not lead an active lifestyle report up to 3 hours of satiation when they take this product.
  • High protein quantity: With up to 11g of quality protein per serving, these shakes provide more than enough protein for every meal replaced. A shake with two scoops contains 22g of protein.
  • Money-back guarantee: IdealShape offers a one month money-back guarantee to all its customers. This shows the amount of confidence that the company has placed in its shakes.

Great IdealShape Reviews from customers

The IdealShape shakes have received a lot of positive feedback and reviews from satisfied customers. Many customers have claimed to have lost weight using these meal replacement plans with or without exercise. One customer who used the shakes revealed that he lost an incredible 19 pounds in 6 weeks.

Purchasing IdealShape Shakes

All the products from IdealShape are sold on their official website at While the shakes are also offered on other marketplaces, we always recommend ordering from the company’s official website for security and safety.

All orders have an additional free shaker bottle as well as a smoothie recipe book from IdealShape. The following order options are available:

  • 30-day supply package at $49.99
  • 60-day supply package at $89.99 (plus IdealPlan eBook)
  • 90-day supply package at $129.99 (plus IdealPlan eBook)
  • 120-day supply package at $159.99 (plus IdealPlan eBook)

IdealShape Reviews Summary

We really like other meal replacement shakes like Shakeology, but compared with the rest of the market, IdealShape shakes are our favorite when it comes to taste, effectiveness and value for money.

They taste great, mix easily with other ingredients, have a high nutritional content, low calorie count, and they keep you feeling full for longer.

They’re not cheap but we think they’re well worth the money.