HIIT The Dance Floor Review

HIIT The Dance Floor is a workout program from fitness company InstructorLive, the same company who created The Ultimate Shred, The Promise, Mum On A Mission, and Ripped. In this HIIT The Dance Floor review we’ll take an in-depth look at what the program involves, what results you can expect from it, and whether it provides good value for money.

What is the HIIT The Dance Floor program?

HIIT The Dance Floor

HIIT The Dance Floor is a 4 week weight loss and body conditioning workout program, designed by world renowned trainer and choreographer Glenn Ball. It is the second program that Gelnn Ball has produced for InstructorLive, following on from the success of his collaboration with Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt on the Mum On A Mission program.

The program includes 4 workouts per week and combines HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, with high tempo dance choreography.

Who is HIIT The Dance Floor designed for?

The program is streamed online to any device so is ideally suited to people who want to workout at home or on the go. The workouts vary in intensity and there are 3 different levels to accommodate people with a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness level.

As its name suggests, HIIT The Dance Floor involves HIIT style training and dance choreography so it is ideally suited to people who enjoy dancing and dance-style workouts.

The program says that you don’t need to be a good dancer or have any dance experience to benefit from the program, but we would suggest that you will be more likely to enjoy it if you are able to keep up with fairly simple dance routines.

How does the program work?

The program is easy to follow because you are provided with a different workout for all 16 workouts within the 4 week period.

Each session is made up of different modules and the number and intesnity of the modules depends on whether you selected the beginner, intermediate, or advanced versions.

Here’s how the workouts differ for each fitness level.


  • Session 1 – Dance, Arm Shred
  • Session 2 – Dance, Legs Shred
  • Session 3 – Dance, Abs Shred
  • Session 4 – Dance, Butt Shred


  • Session 1 – Dance, Arm Shred, Dance
  • Session 2 – Dance, Legs Shred, Dance
  • Session 3 – Dance, Abs Shred, Dance
  • Session 4 – Dance, Butt Shred, Dance


  • Session 1 – Dance, Arm Shred, Dance, Arms Challenge
  • Session 2 – Dance, Legs Shred, Dance, Legs Challenge
  • Session 3 – Dance, Abs Shred, Dance, Abs Challenge
  • Session 4 – Dance, Butt Shred, Dance, Butt Challenge

This structure is then repeated for the 4 weeks of the program with the dance sessions building in complexity and intensity as the weeks progress.

It’s an excellent program for variety and if you enjoy dancing it’s one of the most fun workouts we’ve done. Glenn Ball is a great trainer and his choreogrpaher experience is obvious in the clear way he explains how to complete the exercises and the dance moves.

What Is Included and what does it cost?

HIIT The Dance Floor comes with a weight loss meal plan for the 4 weeks and online support from Glenn Ball and the rest of the InstructorLive team.

To access the program you subscribe to InstructorLive which means you also have access to hundreds of other workouts on the site, The Ultimate Shred and Ripped being two of our favourites.

A membership to InstructorLive has 3 payment plans:

  • Annual – $7.81 per month
  • 6 Months – $10.42 per month
  • Month by month – $13.03 per month

And they are currently offering a 10 days free trial available from the official InstructorLive website here.

What results can you expect?

HIIT the Dance Floor is a high energy and high intensity program that will certainly help you lose weight and improve your body tone. For best results you should also follow the weight loss meal plan that comes with the program, we found it easy to follow and the meals are really tasty.

As a 4 week program you will be unlikely to lose as much weight as a program like Insanity (reviewed here), and you will definitely not lose as much weight as with a 12 week program like The Ultimate Shred (reviewed here). However, if you find normal workouts difficult to follow and you really enjoy dance, you are more likely to enjoy HIIt The Dance Floor and stick with it to the end.

Is HIIT The Dance Floor Good Value?

Like all InstructorLive programs, HIIt The Dance Floor is excellent value. For less than $8 per month you can get all the videos, the meal plan, and 24/7 online support.

You also get access to all the other InstructorLive workouts for no extra cost so it’s an awesome deal.

Review Summary?

If you want to lose weight and you want to do it from the privacy of your own home then HIIT The Dance Floor is a great choice. We do feel that other programs on the market will lead to better results, mainly due to the shorter length of HIIT The Dance Floor, but if you are specifically a fan of dance-fitness and want to learn some cool new choreography while burning lots of calories, then this is the perfect workout for you.

You can get a 10 days free trial of the program on the InstructorLive website, and right now they are also allowing you to try the first workout on this page.