Hip Hop Abs Review – Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

If you’ve heard of Hip Hop Abs, and wonder to yourself – “Does Hip Hop Abs work?” then you’ve come to the right place. In this Hip Hop Abs review, we’re going to go over all the different aspects of Hip Hop Abs and provide the answer to that question.

What is Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs is one of Beachbody’s bestselling fitness programs, and was developed by Shaun T in 2006. Designed to be a fun, at home workout, Hip Hop Abs includes upbeat, modern music to motivate you in transforming your core without getting bored!

Shaun T’s combination of cardio, core, and abs exercises target all muscle areas of your abdomen, allowing you to define your abdominals and shred fat. With hard work and some time, you can transform your body without ever having to leave your own home.

Who is Shaun T?

Shaun T

Shaun T is a popular Beachbody trainer with impressive fitness experience. He graduated with a Sports Science degree, trained at Equinox Fitness, and danced professionally for none other than Mariah Carey.

His dance, choreography, and fitness background allowed Shaun T to develop the impressive Hip Hop Abs workout program when Beachbody approached him about the idea. In fact, the same methods Shaun T shows off in Hip Hop Abs helped him to personally get into great shape by dropping 50 pounds.

So does Hip Hop Abs work? It did for Shaun T., we’ll find out if it will also work for you.

How Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

The Hip Hop Abs program is a cost effective workout DVD series that will give you everything you need to get into great shape. When purchased, you’ll receive 4 workout DVDs, additional fitness gifts, and a diet guide, but to really make sure Hip Hop Abs works, it will take time, dedication, and discipline from you.

To be effective, Hip Hop Abs needs to be done for 30-60 days. This includes one day of rest each week, but following the diet plan for the entirety of the program will help to ensure the positive results you hope for!

The success of Hip Hop Abs can be attributed to its high intensity cardio mixed with intense abdominal an other body-sculpting moves being paired with the fun aspect of dancing.

Instead of repetitive exercises done in a crowded gym day in and day out, Hip Hop Abs allows you to have fun dancing to the music you love in your own home – all while burning calories and sculpting your entire abdominal region, including the hard to target obliques!

Music really speaks to some people, giving them energy and inspiration. If you’re one of those people, and are unhappy with the results traditional ab workouts are giving you, Hip Hop Abs may be just what you’re looking for.

So when it comes to the fun-factor, does Hip Hop Abs work? The answer is yes. So let’s next have a look at what you get for your money.

What Is Included in Hip Hop Abs?

Hip Hop Abs Contents

Hip Hop Abs is great because literally everything needed for the workouts is included when you purchase the DVDs. Unlike some Beachbody fitness programs, the only “equipment” needed is your own body!

Make sure you’ve got an open area like a living room, and perhaps a water bottle or sweat towel handy, but otherwise Hip Hop Abs requires no weights, resistance bands, or equipment.

When you purchase the program, you’ll receive 4 workout DVDs, the Nutrition Guide, the 30-days workout calendar, a card for measurements, and a tape measure.

You’ll also receive some extras, which include the Results on the Run Diet Guide, the 6-Day Slim-Down Plan, a Hips, Buns, and Thighs Workout, the Last Minute Buns and Last Minute Abs workouts, and the DVD Learn to Dance with Shaun T.

This all costs only $19.95 not including shipping, and if you don’t get the results you desire within 60 days, you can send the program back, keep the extras, and receive all of your money back.


Secrets to Flat Abs

In what could be described as the Hip Hop Abs “intro” DVD, Shaun T goes over the training techniques that will be utilized throughout the training program. The techniques shown here will help you workout ever muscle in your entire abdomen. In just 13 minutes, this workout DVD focuses on all areas of your abs, making sure that your entire mid section is engaged and getting toned.

Fat Burning Cardio

Longer than Secrets to Flat Abs, the Fat Burning Cardio workout is half an hour of intense hip hop dancing. This workout is done to upbeat music hits so you stay entertained and engaged. You’ll be sweating after the 30 minute workout from burning calories and shedding fat to hip hop music!

You may be surprised to see “cardio” in the title of an abs workout DVD, but Hip Hop Abs does indeed utilize cardio to help shred fat and inches from your mid section.

Though focused mostly on defining the abdominal region, Hip Hop Abs is designed to help give you a total body transformation. Cardio helps burn fat in all areas of the body, including the mid section, and Shaun T’s focus on your abs will help define your mid section as you melt away inches there.

Ab Sculpt

At 25 Minutes in length, Ab sculpt is longer than the Secret to Flat Abs workout and introduces additional signature moves designed by Shaun T for defined abs.

When learning Shaun T’s moves, you’ll notice that these workout videos don’t just consist of boring crunches and sit-ups. The workout moves shown in the workout DVD are engaging and unique. They hone in on the abs muscles in ways you would never think of yourself, and keep you entertained and focused on your workout.

Total Body Burn

Total Body Burn is meant to do exactly what its title states: it’s a full body workout! At 45 minutes in length, Total Body Burn is the longest of the Hip Hop Abs workouts and your body will indeed be “burning” throughout. That is, your muscles will be burning, and your body will be burning calories!

The combination of cardio and strength moves in this DVD will help to sculpt your entire body, with a special focus on your abdominal region. The ab-defining moves, strength moves, and cardio moves are all done using the resistance of your own body, so no equipment is needed for you to complete this effective workout.

Like many of Beachbody’s workouts, Total Body Burn and the other Hip Hop Abs DVDs focus on targeting multiple muscle regions at once and throughout the workout. This helps to burn even more calories than if you simply did a bunch of crunches or sit-ups alone.

The key to getting defined abs is shredding fat from the mid section and then defining the newly exposed abdominal muscles. The Hip Hop Abs workouts are designed to do just that, providing you with the sexy abs results you hope for!

Additional Resources

Hip Hop Abs Nutrition Guide

Also key to any fitness program is your diet. You can do cardio and exercise every single day, but if you don’t provide your body with the healthy nutrients it needs, you won’t see your desired results quickly or at all. Make sure to follow Shaun T’s nutrition guide so you can soon see your six-pack abs!

The Hip Hop Abs nutrition guide will help you pick the best, leanest, healthiest foods to assist you on your way to amazing abs and an all around body transformation. These nutrition guidelines will also be necessary to follow after the completion of the Hip Hop Abs program so that you can maintain your ab definition and not gain the weight back in your mid section.

Hip Hop Abs Workout Calendar

Included in the Hip Hop Abs program is a 30-day workout calendar. This calendar will provide you with the daily workouts you will need to complete to get your results. You’ll do at least one workout every day for six days a week, with one rest day per week.

Some days the calendar will have you doing two workouts, but remember that the longest workout is only 45 minutes long. Even on your double workout days, you will be able to complete your workout in a timely manner in your own home.

If you want to challenge yourself, there are “deluxe” Hip Hop Abs calendars that extend the workout program out to 60 days instead of 30. The deluxe calendars will make your workout program more challenging, but you should see even more amazing results.

You can also search online for different Hip Hop Abs workout calendars of different lengths and formats. These calendars have been made by Hip Hop Abs enthusiasts who have yielded great results from the program and then mixed it up a bit to gain even more efficient results.

With the Hip Hop Abs program you’ll not only be engaged by the fun, dance-centered workout DVDs, but you won’t get bored from lack of workout variety.


Hips, Buns, and Thighs Workout

The Hips, Buns, and Thighs Workout is a 25 minute extra workout that focuses on lifting the butt and toning below the waist. For many, especially women, this is a problem area, and Shaun T dedicated an entire DVD to targeting those muscles. Again, you won’t be doing boring squats or lunges the entire time. Shaun T’s innovative combination exercise moves are present in all of his videos, and will help you shrink your lower region quickly and efficiently!

Results on the Run Diet Guide

The Results on the Run Diet Guide is a great resource for people who have busy social lives or travel often. Almost everyone decides to eat out of the house every once in a while, and no one wants to have to stay cooped up inside every weekend just because you started a diet. This guide will help you make healthy choices while eating out in restaurants, helping to ensure that you don’t derail your fitness progress in one meal. This is best kept with you every day so you’re always covered when you need it.

6 Day Slim Down Plan

People often get discouraged if they don’t see quick results, and Shaun T’s 6-Day Slim Down Plan seeks to address this problem. This plan is intended to boost results from your Hip Hop Abs program, giving you a strict but simple to follow diet and exercise plan that will give you quick results. In a very short space of time (often less than 10 days), the Slim Down Plan promises up to 3 inches and 10 pounds lost. This is great to help motivate you to push through to the end of the program and lose even more!

Learn to Dance with Shaun T

In this video Shaun T teaches 3 hip hop dance routines in their entirety with the most recent hip hop moves. Shaun T’s choreography and fitness background comes together to teach you some trendy dance moves all while boosting metabolism and helping you burn calories.

Last Minute Abs/Last Minute Buns Workouts

In these two 5 minutes videos Shaun T pushes you through extremely intense core or lower body workouts. With no warm up or cool down, these videos are focused solely on targeting those areas you desire results in most. These are great workouts to bookend your longer Hip Hop Abs workouts on certain days of the week, or for when you need a quick calorie burn boost but don’t have a lot of time.

How To Be Successful With Hip Hop Abs

People ask, “Does Hip Hop Abs Work?” and many people will enthusiastically say YES, while others will claim that it didn’t work for them. More often than not, the reason someone is not successful with Hip Hop Abs or any fitness program is because they cut corners, cheated, or gave up too soon.

Hip Hop Abs is no different than other fitness programs in that it takes dedication and patience to get the results you desire. Even if you are dedicated to doing your daily workouts, if you don’t pair this with healthy diet choices, you won’t gain results as quickly or efficiently.

So make sure to follow the diet plan and the workout plan.

Also, when beginning Hip Hop Abs, and throughout the program, make sure to utilize the measurement card and measuring tape! You may think this is unnecessary, but tracking your progress is a great way to keep yourself motivated.

You may not notice as your body begins to subtly change, but your measurements will show as you begin to lose inches off of your mid section! This will be great motivation to keep on going, or perhaps extending the program out to 60 days, so you can lose even more inches.

Also be sure to make use of Beachbody’s 24-hour online support. You can be matched online to a personal trainer who will help you answer any questions about the Hip Hop Abs program. This is also a great place to get moral support.

If you’re at the beginning of the workout program and asking yourself, “Does Hip Hop Abs work, or did I just waste $20?” then you can go see other people’s answers and results for yourself.

With your online account, you can log in and communicate on forums with Beachbody coaches and trainers, and other Hip Hop Abs users. This is a great place to discuss your experiences with others who understand your struggles, or to help build up others who need a little morale boost.

Hip Hop Abs Review Summary – Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

Hip Hop Abs is one of Beachbody’s most popular workout programs, and for good reason. Shaun T is an outstanding, popular Beachbody trainer, with years of fitness and dance experience that is displayed and then taught to you in his workout DVDs.

Additionally, the program he developed is very reasonably priced. For only $19.95 plus shipping and handling, you can transform your mid section, get ripped abs, and burn fat on your entire body.

Not only that, but Hip Hop Abs is engaging and fun. Instead of going to a gym and doing boring reps on ab rotation machines or hundreds of crunches and sit-ups, you can do Hip Hop Abs in your own home, with the modern music and dance moves helping you shred fat and burn calories.

Hip Hop Abs’ popularity can be attributed to the fact that yes, it does work! Many people have had weight loss success with this workout program, and so can you. It’s not as effective as more intensive weight loss workouts like Insanity, The Ultimate Shred or Ripped, but it’s still a highly effective program when used properly and especially if extended to 60 days.

All it takes is a small investment, disciplined eating, and following a workout schedule. Luckily, all of this is planned out for you and provided when you purchase the program! And remember, you don’t have to buy any equipment to be successful with Hip Hop Abs.

Like any fitness program, Hip Hop Abs takes dedication to the program and a lot of hard work. But Beachbody gives you everything you need to be successful, including extra guides and workout videos, motivating ways to track your results, and 24/7 online support.

So, does Hip Hop Abs work? The answer is this: Hip Hop Abs works if you do!