P90X3 Workout Review—Which Is The Best P90X3 Workout For You?

In this article we review the P90X3 workout program and help you decide if it’s the right workout for you, and which version is the best P90X3 workout to give you the results you want.

What Is The P90X3 Workout?

P90X3 workout program

The P90X3 Workout is perfect for busy individuals with busy live who struggle to find time to get to the gym. Beach Body catered the P90X3 Fitness Program to both women and men with families, jobs, and other time consuming obligations by making the workouts only 30 minutes long.

Though quick, the intense workouts paired with the nutrition plan are designed for toning the body by melting away excess body fat and building muscle in significantly less time than a traditional workout—and the best part about P90X3 is that nothing requires a gym, so you can accomplish the workouts in your own home.

Who is P90X3 Designed For?

Not everyone will be successful with the P90X3 Workout. While the workouts are only 30 minutes long, they are very intense and would not be described as easy.

For men, women, or teens with an adult supervisor, willing to devote time and plenty of work to become healthier and gain self-confidence in their appearance, the P90X3 Program will be great!

In addition to overweight people seeking to slim down, people who have been successful with the program are patients recovering after kidney transplants and women seeking to lose weight after pregnancy.

Patience and dedication are necessary in any fitness program, and P90X3 is no exception. Progress takes time, but the time is worth it in the end!

Although the workouts are not easy, the intensity of P90X3 should not intimidate those new to a fitness routine—people from all fitness levels can adjust the exercises to their own personal needs.

How Does P90X3 Work?

P90X3 relies on high intensity workouts and a diet designed to shred fat from the body and build muscle.

The workout DVDs provided in the program target the entire body, with a series of DVDs focusing on muscle building, cross training, fat burning cardio, and flexibility and balance.

Individuals can “personalize” their P90X3 experience by choosing between the Classic, Lean, or Bulk approaches to the program. Each approach has a coinciding workout schedule and diet plan to follow to reach the desired results.

What Is Included With The P90X3 Workout?

When purchasing the P90X3 Workout Program, people can choose between three kits that provide all the necessities for fitness success: The Base Kit, The Deluxe Kit, or the Ultimate Kit.

  • The Base Kit includes: 16 workout DVD’s, nutrition guide, and a resistance band.
  • The Deluxe Kit comes with everything in the Base Kit, plus 3 more workouts, the Energy and Endurance Guide, and 2 extra resistance bands.
  • The Ultimate Kit comes with everything provided in the Deluxe Kit, plus you also get a Beachbody jump mat, results and recovery formula, a chin-up bar, and chin up max band.

The 16 workout DVDs are broken down into multiple categories, with six muscle building resistance-based workouts, three cross training power workouts, three fat burning cardio workouts, and four core flexibility and balance workouts. The different categories and DVDs allow a variety of different workouts to keep you from getting bored of your workout routine.

Which Is The Best P90X3 Workout For You?

To accommodate individuals with different fitness goals, P90X3 offers three approaches to gain the best P90X3 workout results.

  • The Classic approach is for those seeking to get ripped and strong.
  • For people seeking to tone their bodies without adding bulk, the Lean approach seeks to do just that.
  • The Mass approach is a program for those wanting to bulk up and increase muscle mass.

The best P90X3 workout for you is the one that will give you the results you desire.

For those wanting to simply lose some weight and tone their bodies, the Lean program would be great.

For someone looking to display defined abs at the beach next summer, perhaps the Classic approach would be best.

And for men or women looking to build bulkier muscle, the Mass approach will give them their desired results.

What Is Involved In The P90X3 Workout?

All three approaches to the P90X3 program include a variety of exercises including Pilates, yoga, martial arts, resistance training, and agility and mobility exercises, and all three approaches can deliver results through intense 30-minute workouts.

The different workout DVDs engage your entire body over time so that total body results and health are achieved.

To gain amazing results, patience and dedication to the program will be imperative. This includes not only following the workout schedule, but also following the diet schedule and guidelines. Working out without dieting will not be nearly as beneficial as doing both consistently, and will only prolong the time it takes to reach your fitness goals.

What Equipment Is Needed For P90X3?

Additional equipment may need to be purchased along with your desired kit, but the investment will be worthwhile when you begin to see your results!

A P90X3 chin up bar, P90X3 chin up max, weights or dumbbells, a yoga mat, or more resistance bands (if you prefer them over dumb bells) are some of the extra pieces of equipment necessary for the best P90X3 workout results.

The P90X3 chin-up bar is intended to fit conveniently in a doorway of your home, and the Chin Up Max aids you with complex movements on the Chin Up Bar. All necessary workout equipment is available for purchase through Beachbody.

What Is The P90X3 Diet Plan?

The P90X3 Diet Plan focuses on foods that provide you with energy to fuel your workouts. Lean proteins like chicken, salmon, eggs, and beef; healthy fats such as avocados, peanut butter, olive oil, and seeds; and of course ample servings of fresh vegetables are central to the healthy P90X3 Diet.

Fruit and grains are very limited because of their starchiness and excessive carbs. Eating a healthy diet is critical to gain the best P90X3 workout results.

What Is The P90X3 Workout Schedule And Calendar?

You are provided with a handy calendar that has the entire P90X3 workout schedule mapped out for you. Each day has a designated workout for you to accomplish (remember, it’s only 30 minutes!), and the program goes for 13 weeks.

The P90X3 Calendar – Classic Version:

P90X3 Calendar Classic

The P90X3 Calendar – Lean Version:

p90X3 Calendar Lean

The P90X3 Calendar – Mass Version:

p90X3 Calendar Mass

With the workouts scheduled out for you each day, it’s extremely simple to stay on track with your fitness schedule. Beachbody has everything planned for you, and additionally, you will have access to their 24-hour support system. This is a great perk to the program—you essentially have the support of a personal trainer to answer your fitness and diet questions, all while working out from home on your own time.

P90X3 Workout: The Pros

A great benefit to the P90X3 Workout Program is that it requires minimal time out of your day to reach your health and fitness goals. There is no travel time to and from the gym, no cost for a personal trainer, and it only takes 30 minutes out of your day. Additionally, the entire program is planned out for you, with guidelines and 24/7 support to help you accomplish maximum results.

P90X3 Workout: The Cons

P90X3 takes time, dedication, and patience to see results. Many weeks may pass before you notice results, and it will be easy to become discouraged. The intensity and pacing of the workouts may be too intense for beginners, but each person can adjust the exercises to his or her own needs.

What Results Can You Expect From P90X3?

Those who work hard and follow through with the P90X3 workout and diet program can expect to get great results! Many people said that they lost around 10 pounds in one month. Kidney transplant patients, mothers, and average men and women have experienced satisfactory weight loss and results through using P90X3!

How Much Does P90X3 Cost?

Depending on which kit is purchased, P90X3 will cost between $100 and $200.

The Base Kit is sold for $119.85, the Deluxe Kit is $79.90, and the Ultimate Kit costs $109.95.

In addition to the kit cost, the P90X3 Chin-up Bar will need to be purchased for about $30, as well as the P90X3 Chin-up Max resistance band for approximately $47.00.

Additional resistance bands run between $25.00 or $30.00, but may not need to be purchased, as they may be included in the kit you choose.

Is P90X3 Good Value?

If used efficiently, P90X3 is worth every penny.

A gym membership can cost hundreds of dollars per year, plus the extra time and gas money it takes to travel there every day.

P90X3 can be done from home, takes less time than going to a gym, and once it’s paid for, it’s paid for forever!

The program can be repeated for no extra cost once owned—it’s like having a permanent personal trainer built into your home.

Do you prefer $200 for endless years of home fitness, or $35+ per month for years of the hassle of trekking to the gym for a long workout? The value of P90X3 speaks for itself!

P90X3 Workout Review Summary

The P90X3 Workout Program is prefect for busy people with families, jobs, and activities that make it difficult for them to find time to go to the gym.

At just 30 minutes a day, the workouts are intense, but manageable, and if paired with a healthy diet, can deliver amazing weight loss and fitness results.

Perhaps expensive at first glance, P90X3 is actually a cost effective investment in yourself. Compared to the price of a monthly gym membership and fitness trainer, P90X3 will deliver results for much less money.

With the Beachbody P90X3 Workout Program, personal dedication, and patience, you can get all of the equipment, guidance, and support you need to achieve your fitness and health goals!

To purchase P90X3, visit the official P90X3 website