310 Shake Vs Shakeology: Is The 310 Nutrition Shake A Good Shakeology Alternative?

Here you’ll find a side-by-side comparison of two meal replacement shake options. We will be looking at how a Shakeology alternative, 310 Nutrition Shake, compares to Shakeology itself. We’ll compare various aspects of each, such as appetite control, taste, texture, ease of use, nutritional content, and of course, the cost!

Curbing your appetite with meal replacement shakes is a great step to reaching your weight loss goals. If you’re constantly craving food but denying yourself, being healthy seems like a huge sacrifice when really it’s a wonderful and necessary endeavor.

Meal replacement shakes like the 310 Nutrition Shake and Shakeology make the process easier and more enjoyable by helping you stay full and satisfied longer. That way, you don’t have to constantly deny yourself, and instead can indulge in a (hopefully) tasty and nutrition shake when you feel those hunger pangs.

Choosing which shake is best for you can be a tough decision, so this is a great read for anyone who is considering trying a meal replacement shake to aid in weight loss, but isn’t quite sure what the best option is!

Worry no more; you’ve come to the right place. By the end, you should have a great idea about which shake will give you the best results for the best value.

What is the 310 Shake?


The 310 Nutrition Shake is a meal replacement shake meant to help people reach their weight loss goals. This Shakeology alternative is marketed as having zero chemical additives, soy, or fillers.

The 310 Shake is a healthy shake that will help you curb your appetite so you do not overeat or crave junk food. Instead, you fill your body with 310’s special Tri-plex protein that can only be found in 310 Shakes.

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What is Shakeology?

beachbody shakeology reviews

Shakeology is a nutrient dense meal replacement shake created and offered by Beachbody. The shake is marketed to help you lose weight by helping to curb cravings, keep you full, cleansing your system of toxins, and introducing the best nutrients possible back into your system.

Shakeology also claims to give you more energy, boost brain awareness, and even regulate blood sugar levels, among other touted benefits. In a nutshell, Shakeology is designed to help you become a healthier individual overall.

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Appetite Control: How Does Each Shake Control Appetite?

310 Nutrition Shake

310 Shakes use the special Tri-plex protein profile to help curb your appetite for 3 to 4 hours. Proteins included in the protein profile include whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate, pea protein, and fibersol 2, and all of these are essential to keep you full and satisfied for hours.

For example, one of the most unique qualities in the tri-plex protein profile is Pea Protein, which slows down the process of ghrelin. Ghrelin is a hormone that gives the brain the “time to eat” signal.

Likewise, fibersol 2 is a fiber rich prebiotic that helps block the signals that make your brain crave food. These hunger blocking complexes mixed with the fast acting, quick absorbing whey and milk proteins make sure you feel full longer, and are healthy proteins to introduce into your body.


Shakeology is jam-packed with healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals that help you stay full for multiple hours. The healthy ingredients in the shakes satisfy your body’s nutritional needs, meaning you won’t crave snacks or soda between meals.

For those times between meals that you are a little hungry, drinking a Shakeology is a great alternative to other snacks. Some people have claimed that Shakeology shakes are almost too thick and heavy for them to handle, leaving their stomachs overly stuffed, while others have lamented the fact that they still get hungry after just a couple hours of drinking Shakeology.

Some people have also claimed that certain flavors keep them full longer than others. This could be explained by the different minerals and vitamins that are present in some different flavors of shakes. However, the general feedback is that the Shakeology ingredients keep you full, reduce cravings, and are extremely healthy.

The Better Choice

Both 310 Shake and Shakeology keep you full and reduce cravings, making weight loss easier and less of a chore. However, some people have claimed that Shakeology is “too much” and others have claimed that it’s too little, leaving them hungry again before the next meal. It seems that the Tri-plex protein in 310 Nutrition Shakes may help to keep you full a little longer than the ingredients in Shakeology.

Taste: How Tasty Is Each Shake?

310 Nutrition Shake

Put quite bluntly, the 310 Shake is generally considered to taste bad. While the 310 creators tout the low sugar content of their shakes, this benefit comes at a price, and that price is flavor. The shakes have less than 1 gram of sugar, which is great for people looking to cut out sugar or those with diabetes, but the lack of sugar means that the shakes have a sour and nasty aftertaste.

It sounds like the 310 Shakes didn’t used to have this bad reputation, as it was somewhat recently that the company that makes them changed the shake recipe to cut out more sugar. Nevertheless, the new formula isn’t very tasty, but does come in multiple flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha, Strawberry, Vegan Chocolate, and Salted Caramel.


Shakeology is reported to have a great taste and comes in 6 flavor options: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, greenberry, café latte, and vegan chocolate. Chocolate and Vanilla are the best selling flavors.

Some users even think of their shakes as desserts or treats. Some people have said that there is a slight aftertaste that you get used to quickly and that it’s not a problem. The other complaint has been about the greenberry flavor, but it’s actually not too bad and it’s easy to just not order that flavor and pick from the others. You can also add fruits, different milks, or nut butters to Shakeology to enhance the flavor.

The Better Choice

Shakeology definitely tastes better. Most people who drink Shakeology are satisfied, and for just about every greenberry hater, there is an adamant greenberry lover. 310 Shakes have a bad taste reputation; with just about everyone agreeing that they don’t taste that great, even with added ingredients.

Texture: Which Shake Has a Better Texture?

310 Nutrition Shake

The 310 Nutrition Shake is thick and smooth, and people enjoy its texture and consistency. There are no lumps or chalky taste, which perhaps helps to offset the bad taste of the shake. It’s also a consistency that mixes well with other things that add to the nutrition and flavor of the shake. For example, milk, coconut milk, or almond milk can be added, as well as fruits, veggies, or nut butters. Adding these to the smooth and creamy shake adds to its nutritional content and flavor.


Shakeology has an extremely thick and dense consistency that not everyone is ecstatic about. However, adding extra water, juice, or milk or whipping the shake through the blender easily overcomes the thickness. The thick shake is definitely better than a watery one, and also helps the shake feel more like a meal.

The Better Choice

Both shakes have good texture, but the 310 Shake seems to have more of a traditional shake consistency without added steps. However, for a meal replacement shake, Shakeology’s texture is ideal because the thickness helps it feel more like a meal, and also helps the stomach feel more full and satisfied.

Preparation: How Convenient Is Preparation?

310 Nutrition Shake

Preparing 310 Shakes is relatively easy. All you have to do is add a scoop of 310 Shake mix to 8 to 10 ounces of cold water and some ice. You can also blend in fruit, vegetables, or nut butters if you wish.


Just like 310 Shakes, Shakeology is extremely easy to prepare. Simply add a scoop of the Shakeology powder mix to 8 to 10 ounces of water and ice. Add ingredients as you wish for flavor and nutrition.

Shakeology offers a month supply of product in one large bag or in a box of individual packets. This makes preparation even simpler, as you can throw a small packet of mix into your work bag, purse, or even pocket and always have it on hand without having to lug an entire bag of powdered shake mix around.

The Better Choice

Home preparation of 310 Shakes and Shakeology is virtually the same. Both are simple, straightforward, easy, and customizable. However, Shakeology makes on the go preparation more convenient by offering individually packaged shake servings.

Nutrition and Ingredients: Which is More Nutritious?

310 Nutrition Shake

310 Shakes are only 90 calories per serving and are full of protein and vitamins.  All of the vitamins provide added benefits such as eyesight improvement from Vitamin A, immune system strengthening from Vitamin C, increased fat burning from Riboflavin, and healthier hair, skin, and nails from Biotin, to name a few.

With 61% of the shake’s content being protein, it’s a hardy shake that still manages to be fat free, and has 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

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Shakeology contains over 70 super nutritious ingredients and exceeds the RDI (recommended daily intake) of vitamins and minerals by 50%. The many vitamins in Shakeology help flush the system of toxins and boost immunity, and fiber and enzymes in the protein mixture aid the digestive system and curbs cravings.

Each Shakeology flavor has different calories and specific nutritional content, but the Chocolate flavor has 160 calories, and the other flavors are right around that same calorie count.

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The Better Choice

310 Shakes have the least amount of calories, fat, and sugar, but Shakeology contains more nutritious ingredients. The jam-packed Shakeology shakes give your body the more beneficial boost it needs to stay healthy.

Cost and Value: What Do You Get For Your Money?

310 Nutrition Shake

As a Shakeology alternative, 310 Shakes are much less expensive. 310 Shakes sell in 28 serving bags, with each bag costing $68 not including shipping and handling. This price breaks down to a little less than $2.50 per shake, which is actually quite reasonable for a health shake. That’s definitely much less expensive than buying a big shake at a restaurant, and this one helps you lose weight and get healthy.

You should buy 310 Nutrition Shake direction from the 310 Shake official website.


A month long supply of Shakeology is $129.95, not including shipping and handling. This price seems pretty high, but most people who are successful with Shakeology think the price is well worth it for the quality results they receive.

When broken down, each Shakeology is a little more than $4, which sounds much more reasonable. Almost anyone can think of something they spend $4 on each day that they don’t really need. That money could go towards a healthy Shakeology instead!

Make sure to buy Shakeology directly from the Shakeology website to ensure you receive exactly what you paid for.

The Better Choice

310 Shakes are definitely cheaper, giving you more shake for your money. For those on a super tight budget, 310 Shake is a good choice. However, the super nutritious ingredients and better taste that comes with Shakeology might make that extra $2 a day per shake worth it value-wise.


310 Nutrition Shake

The 310 Shake is fat free and virtually sugar free, low in calories, yet high in protein and nutritional content. This makes it desirable for those people looking for a low fat, low sugar meal replacement shake.

310’s Tri-plex protein profile will keep you full and satisfied for 2 to 4 hours, helping curb your appetite and cravings and aiding you in your weight loss journey.


Shakeology has delicious taste and multiple flavors, allowing you variety so you don’t get bored with your health shake, and contains over 70 extremely nutritious vitamins and minerals.

Shakeology will keep you full and curb your cravings, helping you lose weight, flush toxins, and get healthy. You can sign up for monthly auto shipments of Shakeology to make sure you never run out, and this method also saves you a some money each month on shipping!


310 Nutrition Shake

The taste is less than desirable. Since the recipe for 310 Shakes was changed to reduce sugar, the shakes have a slightly sour and unpalatable aftertaste. This can be masked with added fruits and ingredients, but not completely covered.

This can be detrimental to a weight loss program because if you dislike the taste enough you may begin to skip shakes or add too much fruit or nut butters to them, offsetting the health benefits of the shakes.

The price can seem quite expensive to people as well, but it is comparable to other meal replacement shakes and really comes down to only $2.50 per shake. As a Shakeology alternative, 310 Shakes are almost half the price.


Shakeology’s biggest disadvantage is that it is quite expensive. At $129 a month, plus shipping and any ingredients you enjoy adding to your shakes, the monthly investment soon adds up. However, an investment in your health and an acclaimed product just might be worth it.

Some people have found the extreme thickness and the greenberry flavor unpalatable as well, but this can be fixed easily by adding liquid to make it thinner or buying flavors other than greenberry.

Final Consensus: Is the 310 Nutrition Shake Really A Good Shakeology Alternative?

In the end, choosing which shake is best for you depends on what is most important to you. If cost is your biggest concern, the 310 Nutrition Shakes are a good Shakeology alternative and should deliver similar results. 310 Shakes will provide your body with healthy proteins that also help fight off hunger and keep you full. This will help you lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

However, it’s hard to justify a price even as high as $68 for a shake that tastes so bad. You’ll most likely spend extra money each month buying ingredients to add to your 310 Shake just to be able to choke it down.

If you don’t truly like the taste and enjoy your meal replacement shakes, you’re very like to skip shakes, cheat, or quit all together and never reach your weight loss goals. Then you’re $68 or more down the drain.

On the other hand, Shakeology has more flavors and they actually taste great. Plus, Shakeology is bursting with super foods that help your body become healthy in almost every way.

Despite the few complaints about the thickness of the shakes and the greenberry flavor, most people find easy solutions to those problems and enjoy all of the weight loss and health benefits the shakes offer.

Even the people who testified saying that the shakes didn’t keep them quite as full as they anticipated often continue to use the shakes. Why? Because they taste good, and still offer incomparable health and nutrition benefits to anyone drinking them.

For all that and more, Shakeology is worth the $4 per day. In the long run, it seems like Shakeology will truly make losing weight and getting healthier easier than if you tried 310 Nutrition Shakes.